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Coffee Talk | Moving Day

Cat's out of the bag and it's time for a new adventure for the Saffran household as we travel back to Florida.  I am happy to say that we are transitioning back to the East Coast.  I use transition loosely as David will be continuing to go on deployments and working primarily in Vegas while Fletch and I will be staying in Vegas and concentrating on shooting Photography.

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Coffee Talk | Home Sweet Florida

We have officially made the leap by selling our home in Vegas and beginning a new journey back on the East Coast in our home town.  Having family so close is truly a blessing with a crazy little one!  This feels like the right place for us right now, especially, with my husband's continued deployments.  One thing our family has learned is that home is where your hearts are thinking of one another, it's as simple as that.  Fletch has been enjoying the Ocean and having a puppy or 2 around.

 I can't wait to take full advantage of all the beautiful FL scenery and capture some beautiful moments with my 2015 brides!


Coffee Talk | Santa Barbara Dreaming

Since my husband and I have moved to the MidWest or wherever you would like to say Vegas is located, we have frequented California.  For five years we have adventured the Southern Coast of Cali from San Diego to Santa Barbara.  Our first trip to Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez wine country we toured a few wineries, had a charcuterie picnic and finished at Fess Parker winery.  The vineyards were beautiful in late May and David walked me to the Riesling grapes under a giant oak tree and asked me to marry him.  This is my favorite place to visit, the beginning of us, not to mention the phenomenal wine.  

This trip we watched the sunrise at the beach by the Santa Barbara pier and Fletcher ran around chasing the "biiirdees" for hugs.  We went and enjoyed the art at the Santa Barbara Museum only to realize we belonged more in the Children's Museum thanks to Fletcher's fascination with his echo. At least he had fun making his own art with a glue stick, who needs first century statues and 400 years of Italian paintings?!  Then we carted across the Southern Wine Country to Fess Parker.  Fletch played on the beautiful grounds and we enjoyed our engagement spot.  At night we walked down the whopping pier and enjoyed the immense sky and it's billions of stars.  I saw The Little Dipper for the first time, thanks to my glasses and husband, who knew!  

I find that traveling with a film camera allows me to enjoy and soak in the beauty around me and forces me to only take pictures that are "worth it."  It's obvious that Fletcher's moments are always worth the cost of film to me.  I hope you enjoy this film bit of Santa Barbara as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Coffee Talk | Cake for Breakfast

This past week was full of festive cheer as I realized that my husband will be overseas for both his 29th and our sons 2nd birthday.  I did what any baker would do, threw on an apron and got to baking.  David loves vanilla cake and my adored cake is dark chocolate, so we compromised with a fluffy, vanilla bean cake recipe and my favorite, decadent chocolate ganache.  Life is all about finding the celebrations and not letting them pass you by.  In this home we love making those blissful moments at any occasion.  We happy dance.  We bake cakes and eat them.  All these little things lead up to living a life full of bliss and recognizing that each moment of every day deserves a mini celebration, or happy dance.    

Lesson learned this week:

  • Celebrate life.  Celebrate every moment of every minute, every single day.  It's that simple.  Celebrate with cake whenever possible.  
  • Puppy bowl is greater than the Super Bowl.  Super Bowl commercials make me cry like a baby..  Just kidding, I cry all the time but really they had some feels!
  • Throw the rock that your son gave you to hold before continuing to eat a handful of walnuts.  This will help save from possible tooth chipping and splitting headaches.  

I have to admit, making a naked cake with dripping ganache is harder than it looks on pinterest!  I did learn a lot and will be implementing new techniques my next go around..  Check out that ganache and the vanilla bean specks in the cake, oh yeah!


Coffee Talk | Feelin' 22

Ready to start my second quarter century, not a day over 26!  I have T Swift to thank for making the best soundtrack for every twenty-something!  I always feel so rejuvenated around my birthday, maybe it has to do with being in my zodiac element, but I do feel amazing!  I also feel renewed adoration for my momma, you're the best and am still awestruck with being a mother myself.  On a side note, Fletcher's obsession with trucks is growing rapid speed!  He has gone from calling them "choo choos" to "big truck."  Every morning he pulls his blinds back and peaks at all the "big trucks" on the road.  My heart was brimming with trucky love when he screamed at the UPS deliver, "big truck," he chuckled too.  I love watching him grow with little developments like "big truck" love. 

I guess I am getting older or at least enjoying a more polished pallet.  On my search for dried fruit without added sugar (or sodium nitrates) I stumbled upon a hidden gem.  A morsel that I once rode off as "old people food," drum roll please, prunes!  If loving prunes is wrong then I don't want to be right. I love prunes so much I made a prune "cake" stack, pictured below. Maybe this is homage to my age increase up but they are seriously so good!   

I, also, wanted to start 2015 with a new planner and made it my mission to find a timeless and useful one!  This year I switched from my tried and true Lilly Pulitzer Agenda, which I still totally love, to a Whitney English Day Designer and let me just say love is a fickle friend!  Within the first few days I was delving into my goals and values as a business, not to mention playing with gelly rolls.  I love all the features of the Day Designer and am so excited to continue to fill my calendar with shoots of beautiful weddings!  Cheers to all the love stories and PSJ brides of 2015!  

day designer and prunes @psjphotography

Coffee Talk | With a Little Sugar

Over here at the Saffran household we are embarking on a journey through our pantry and kitchen in attempt to cut out the "extra sugar."  Having a toddler around, who is very good at pulling everything out of the cupboard, has made me start questioning a lot of our healthy options.  

Generally, we eat very healthy.  Our fridge is always full of green veggies and our counters brimming with fruits.  I don't eat red meat and my husband seldom does.  But when it comes to Fletch, who loves eating, it can be a chore to get him to eat all the healthy food.  Don't get me wrong, we were somehow blessed with a broccoli loving little human but it's the easy snack foods that get me!  Fletch is hungry all the time and I find myself giving into that with fruits and little "baby" bites like yogurt chews and puffs.  Only thing is those are chockfull of sugar!  

Similar to this pretty sugar masterpiece by Stevie's Got Cakes.  Obviously, wedding cakes, pies and desserts are an exception to a life with less sugar! 

Actually, everything seems to be laden with sugar.  We are cleaning our kitchen of added, unnecessary sugar.  Like peanut butter, jelly, breads, juices, oatmeal, ketchup, crackers and even pickles!  This calls for an expensive trip to Whole Foods to buy the lesser sugar items.

Wish us luck!  

Coffee Talk | Fresh Squeezed

As I hop on a plane to jet off to Vegas with my boys I can't help but wonder where life will finally place us.  Living in two places can be very taxing but rewarding with all the places we have been blessed to travel to.  Until next time East Coast, which will be soon!  

Nothing is cuter than picking oranges with my almost two year old as he continuously yells "yellows".  My husband and I have a tradition of picking oranges and making fresh squeezed orange juice every winter.  This is one of the perks of living in FL most Holidays.  I am now donning it our Yellow Holiday Juice tradition.  It surely is the little things that taste so sweet!

Lovely film image thanks to my Pentax.


Toasting to a New Year | 2015

I can't believe it is already the first day of 2015!  The beginning of a new year feels like a breath of fresh air.  Time to swipe the slate clean and fill it with resolutions and pretty pictures!  Best wishes to all the newly engaged couples.  What more wonderful time to celebrate love than the Holidays? 

I am all set to see where this year takes me and just know it will be a sweet one!  I will also be catching up and posting more blog posts, keep on the lookout!  Counting my blessings and wishing you even more.  


Office Space Beautification

I am so very happy and relieved to have my little slice of paradise finished!  I love how my office space beautification turned out.  My dear hubby made the desk out of an old door that I sanded and finished!  I just love mint, pink and gold these are my kind of color pallet!  Of course, I had to throw in a succulent lots of color block and even a golden papillon accent (miss you Tunsikins)!  But no good styled shoot is complete without a little man crashing it, "oh are you taking photos of this desk?  Let me just play, scoot a little closer."  xx

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