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Coffee Talk | Cake for Breakfast

This past week was full of festive cheer as I realized that my husband will be overseas for both his 29th and our sons 2nd birthday.  I did what any baker would do, threw on an apron and got to baking.  David loves vanilla cake and my adored cake is dark chocolate, so we compromised with a fluffy, vanilla bean cake recipe and my favorite, decadent chocolate ganache.  Life is all about finding the celebrations and not letting them pass you by.  In this home we love making those blissful moments at any occasion.  We happy dance.  We bake cakes and eat them.  All these little things lead up to living a life full of bliss and recognizing that each moment of every day deserves a mini celebration, or happy dance.    

Lesson learned this week:

  • Celebrate life.  Celebrate every moment of every minute, every single day.  It's that simple.  Celebrate with cake whenever possible.  
  • Puppy bowl is greater than the Super Bowl.  Super Bowl commercials make me cry like a baby..  Just kidding, I cry all the time but really they had some feels!
  • Throw the rock that your son gave you to hold before continuing to eat a handful of walnuts.  This will help save from possible tooth chipping and splitting headaches.  

I have to admit, making a naked cake with dripping ganache is harder than it looks on pinterest!  I did learn a lot and will be implementing new techniques my next go around..  Check out that ganache and the vanilla bean specks in the cake, oh yeah!


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