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Coffee Talk | With a Little Sugar

Over here at the Saffran household we are embarking on a journey through our pantry and kitchen in attempt to cut out the "extra sugar."  Having a toddler around, who is very good at pulling everything out of the cupboard, has made me start questioning a lot of our healthy options.  

Generally, we eat very healthy.  Our fridge is always full of green veggies and our counters brimming with fruits.  I don't eat red meat and my husband seldom does.  But when it comes to Fletch, who loves eating, it can be a chore to get him to eat all the healthy food.  Don't get me wrong, we were somehow blessed with a broccoli loving little human but it's the easy snack foods that get me!  Fletch is hungry all the time and I find myself giving into that with fruits and little "baby" bites like yogurt chews and puffs.  Only thing is those are chockfull of sugar!  

Similar to this pretty sugar masterpiece by Stevie's Got Cakes.  Obviously, wedding cakes, pies and desserts are an exception to a life with less sugar! 

Actually, everything seems to be laden with sugar.  We are cleaning our kitchen of added, unnecessary sugar.  Like peanut butter, jelly, breads, juices, oatmeal, ketchup, crackers and even pickles!  This calls for an expensive trip to Whole Foods to buy the lesser sugar items.

Wish us luck!  

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