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Your first decision as an engaged couple is to set priorities for your wedding planning.  You have to decide what you value most.  Is it the dress? The food? The Venue?  As a bride AND photographer, I believe that couples should make their photography a top priority.  After the big day is over, you will leave your reception with a spouse & your pictures.... that’s it! All of that planning and preparation is over in a matter of hours!  So if you’re choosing to invest in high quality photography, those images deserve a classy, elegant home after the wedding. I offer linen or leather Legacy Albums for my  wedding clients.  The images are printed straight onto the pages. This is the perfect ending to The Wedding Experience  and it’s a keepsake that you will be showing your children and grandchildren one day!


Album pricing 

10x10 30 page Linen Album $1000

10x10 30 Page Leather Album $1400

Additional album Spread (2 Pages) $50 per spread

 Protective Slipcase

Upgrade to 12x12 an extra $400 

8x8 Duplicate Parent Album (linen) - $600

Coffee Table Books- One full image per page

8x10 50 pages - $1000

8x10 100 pages - $1200

8x10 200 pages - $1500

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