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Behind the Scenes - Weddings of 2016

I am in such adoration of this past year and all the incredible couples I have been able to serve.  Preserving wedding day memories has my fulfilled a creative need to capture love.  It has been an absolute joy and I love all my couples, their families and friends I have met this past year!  Every wedding day is so different and leaves me feeling merry.  This year of only capturing weddings has taught me so much.  I love to take a little tidbit and store it from each wedding.  

There are the little things of anticipating certain reactions to creating moments in an organic matter make my heart sing.  Then there is tactfully and gracefully navigating around the guest that perches on the aisle seat to get that perfect iPhone shot.  I wish they would just enjoy the moment and be present as a guest.  Don't get me wrong, I love when guests take pictures and have no problem with them doing so but at the end of the day, it is just an iPhone picture.  It looks good on Facebook but can never be printed, so just enjoy the moments sans phone in hand - especially the ceremony.  Dodging guests and their iPhones has definitely become one of my top talents, I may even write a sweet post on how to be a present guest.  Then there are the big things, like never agree to hold the rings or you may be trotting them up the aisle mid-ceremony as the officiant is prompting for them.  

This is the fun post where I share all the behind-the-scenes in action moments.  My main goal on wedding day is to be the smiley fly on the wall that may occasionally break out a dance move or take a little spill (I'm clumsy - it's a curse!) I love having a job that allows me to capture moments, laugh, cry, dance and eat the occasional piece of cake.  From climbing on beds to capturing the first kiss, I would love to share what I try so hard to be there with you and behind-the-scenes on wedding days.  

I get asked a lot by other photographers what I wear to weddings or see in posts the questions on what a photographer should wear to weddings.  My photographer what to wear motto sounds something like, all black to fit in with the vendors but dressy so I may even be a guest.  This way I have a sleek classy look but still can blend into the background with all the other vendors. There was one awesome wedding I wore palm tree pants but I feel like they just went with that wedding!  

I am over the moon full of thanks for all my brides and grooms.  I am thankful for the wedding days I get to share and the love I get to capture and being more than half booked for next year!

I'll dive right in with the rings moment, enjoy.  

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