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I Love Butter!

Truth:  I LOVE butter!  OK, now that I have that out there, what the heck does that mean?  My Grandpa Don used to say, "don't spread your butter too thin."  I could not agree more.  In the craft of photography it is so easy to get lost in all the different avenues one can shoot.  If you're wondering just how many types of photography there are out there, well, the possibilities are almost infinite!  To name a few:  family, newborn, birth, child, pet portraiture, wedding, anniversary, landscape, critters, macro, stary nights, waterscapes, underwater, editorial, magazine, interior design & the list goes on and on.  Though the style and technique of camera can be congruent throughout photography the execution of these different styles take completely different skills.  

I know that I have found my niche in weddings.  Having taken the last six months to concentrate on photographing and capturing the memories of my client's wedding days I have learned much about myself and my love for certain aspects of photography.  I have realized I love learning about my couples and seeing first-hand how they interact with one another during their engagement session and continuing this connection through their wedding story.  As an artist and business woman/boss lady it takes composure and values to stand by the decision to not pick up every job or client that comes my way, though I find nothing wrong with this, I just need more time with my clients to connect.  I discovered my love for telling my couples' wedding stories through the details that they have so lovingly collected to bring their day together.  I adore capturing the family and friends interact with each other, all there to watch two people make the promise of marriage and cheer them on as they begin a new page in their lives together. 

I love the moments and the details.  I am so blessed to have been able to spend this time mastering my craft as a fine art wedding photographer.  For me, my butter is in one huge dollop, a dollop full of wedding-y goodness.  Where am I going with all this?  Well, I am ready to bring one more dollop of butter to the table.  It was once a dream but as of right now it is more than a dream.  I can't wait to sing my new venture from the roof tops (though it's really just another addition to my butter already)!  Until then, enjoy this macaroon eye candy.

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