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Kiss the Cook & Cranberry Almond Cookies Recipe

Searching for the perfect cookie to bring to that Holiday Cookie Party?!  At the risk of sounding super basic - I am going to say it - I love a good cookie swap!  Any excuse to try out new cookie recipes and send them off to another home fulfills my baking itch and allows me to sneak home cookies that the kids never know about! 

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Entryway & Holidays

I realize it has been awhile since I have shared our home and love of renovating!  Honestly, the renovation check list is a mile long and seems to always be growing.  For real, thank goodness for handy-husbands because mine has quite the honey do list!  There are glimmers of hope though.  Like finding  the perfect 1950's style green chair..

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Thanksgiving and a Tomato Tart Recipe

Thanksgiving and the Holidays tend to bring out the best in people.  I am so full of love.  I am full of food.  I am full of gratitude.  Maybe it's the turkey coma or the red wine but I really feel the need to share my thankfulness with y'all.  For real I have an incredible family that never ceases to amaze me.  I want to share my love of being in the kitchen.  I love our kitchen.  It is the heart of our home.  It is where I create the meals that brings us all together every evening around the dinner table.  I love to play and get messy in the kitchen...

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Saffran Home | Dancing in the Kitchen

Measure, crack, whisk, bake.  These are the sounds my kitchen hears often.  Our kitchen is for dancing, and cooking but with a lot of dancing.  There is no better feeling then dancing around the kitchen, barefoot and making food magic because let's get real - cooking is magic!  From the sounds of eggs cracking to the precise measurements in baking there is something special that happens in the kitchen...

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Saffran Home | Master Bathroom Details

Well, our house is officially our home!  Move in day has come and gone but the renovation process will continue seemingly forever, but we love it!  I love everything about our little lake house, from the polished terrazzo to the open shelved kitchen but our master bath holds a special place in my heart...

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Coffee Talk | MK is 6 Months

Where does the time go?!  It is amazing to me that our little dumpling, Millie Kate, has been on this planet gracing us with smiles and dirty diapers for six, whole months!  She has been such a joy and a trooper.    


Mommas out there, I encourage you to share your birth stories!  Some are long, some are short but they are all miraculous, real and beautiful!  Let's celebrate together!

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Coffee Talk | The Saff Renovation

As of late my life has consisted of taking care two tiny humans, photographing beautiful and meaningful marriages, and renovating a 1950's house.  Since I share so much of my tiny Saffran's and my wonderful PSJ Couples I am going to start sharing more of my house renovation into our home!  This has been a few months long endeavor and I cannot wait to finish a few big things on the list:  Master Bathroom, Kitchen and Floors.  Along with all the little details...

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Coffee Talk | Breezing Through Savannah

Mondays are for blogging.  Such a wonderful time waltzing through Savannah with film camera in hand.  I have been dabbling with the art of film photography for only a few months and am head over heals for in love!  

Georgia in Fall was the perfect backdrop to flirt with my little pentax.  The images it produces have so much feeling and it makes me giddy!  xx 

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