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Saffran Home | Dancing in the Kitchen

Measure, crack, whisk, bake.  These are the sounds my kitchen hears often.  Our kitchen is for dancing, and cooking but with a lot of dancing.  There is no better feeling then dancing around the kitchen, barefoot and making food magic because let's get real - cooking is magic!  From the sounds of eggs cracking to the precise measurements in baking there is something special that happens in the kitchen.  I grew up in a family that cooks and it has always been close to my heart, we used to even have Iron Chef competitions with our neighbors/family!

With my love of cooking out on the line now I would love to show off our humble, little kitchen.  It still has much work to be done but I am loving the details and process!  I love the design David and I came up, from the open shelves made out of boards from the Gould Building trusses in downtown to the white ceramic subway tiles with charcoal grout.  Every little detail is a part of us.  We thought the West Elm Organic Dinnerware from this earlier post was perfect to display on our open shelves.  The sink and faucet were showroom models that we loved.  That granite, oh the granite, I knew I wanted a stone with "movement" but that seemed to skyrocket the price out of our range!  We didn't have much to lay stone on so when we found one, White Venato, with the flow and right colors we knew it was for us.  Honestly, I could probably sleep on that granite..  One element that makes a home is a touch of living green in every room!  In the kitchen I'm trying my luck to get a beautiful orchid to re-bloom from the Lee James Florals.

We still have so many kitchen projects, like building a huge custom island.  Our plans is to use the old baseboards in chevron pattern for the face and more trusses for the top!  We also plan on bringing in gas, one day.   The best day ever, anyone that cooks knows you can't beat a gas range!  So stay tuned for all of that!      

I'm super proud to announce that Ratatouille is one of Fletcher's favorite movies.  I die a little when he asks, "I would like to watch the rat cook the mushroom"!  Check out littler chef and littlest chef, above, enjoying the kitchen!  

Love, Little Chef 

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