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Starting a Photography Business

There are so many elements that come together in the beginning processes of creating a business.  It is so exciting to have the freed of being your own boss but can be challenging to know where to start.  I am thrilled to be beginning this journey of sharing business secrets and how-tos that I have learned along the way of creating a photography business.  I will be sharing the ins-and-outs of what I have learned it takes to start your business and creating something meaningful.  

Follow along for information on business licensing, choosing a business name and how to brand yourself and a little on photography.  Know that what you put out there is important.  People can read your vibes and either be attracted or repelled by a brand, a style and even your persona.  Also, be aware that very rarely is everyone your ideal client.  Figuring out the direction that you want to market in is important.  It may not come at first and a lot of photographers take on all sorts of clients in the beginning, I know I did but now I can truly market to my ideal client - brides and grooms and sometimes their moms.  So start brainstorming on the direction you see your photography business going.   Who do you want to be your client and know that this may change as you begin to build your business!  

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