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All About Branding

I truly believe there are two different types of brands.  There are the brands that are pretty and cohesive but what do they mean?  Does your brand have a why?  Other than ascetics being more than pleasing what water or meaning do they hold to the person to the business?  Then there are the brands that have a meaning, a why and are based around elements that embody an essence.  I am building a brand to the latter.  It has been a joy to begin cooking up this brand and bringing all the pieces together to create a fun Palm Beach, Southern mood.   

My brand has a few main elements but the one I will harp on in this post is the banana leaf.  I grew up the daughter of an architect, but not just any type of architect, a builder of banana ripening rooms.  To say we had an abundance of bananas and produce in our home is an understatement.  My dad used to always preach "eat your colors" and "bananas are the perfect snack."  Growing up  with the banana man was always bright and colorful.  He even bought a Harley once and joined a group of other ripening motorcyclist, affectionally calling themselves the FruitLoops.  Our home was the perfect Southern mix of magnolias, palm fronds and, of course, banana trees.  It was this colorful lifestyle that has resonated with me throughout my years and I am thrilled to bring to my brand. 

I encourage you to dig through your lives moments and find the reoccurring patterns.  You may dig deep or not even have to dig at all to pull what is substantially meaningful to you.  It could be lingering on the surface of all your daydreams or a pattern throughout every day.  You could find your inspiration in your favorite cup of joe or morning yoga ritual or the daily messages your dad writes on bananas in your lunch box.  The fun part is, once you find that element embellish it!  Make it all that you can imagine it being.  Find your why to your brand and bring that dream to life.  

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