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PSJ Photography by PJ Saffran.  Specializing in Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer in Central Florida.  Weddings and Anniversaries in DeLand, FL.  Take a peek around and stay awhile.  

PSJ Photography - business 

With the sale of PSJ Photography I wold include my tangible photography gear, my intellectual courses, and an intensive training to see the new owners continue a cohesive running of the business.  PSJ Photography grossed $36,554.76 and netted $19,214.93 in 2017 while only photographing 9 weddings.  In the right hands the PSJ Photography business model and shooting style can be an extremely lucrative investment.

Tangible Property 

List of all the gear  I own that will be included in the sale of PSJ Photography.  

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 6D

Canon 35mm L 1.4

Canon 50mm L 1.2

Canon 85mm L 1.2

Canon 75-200 2.0

Canon 600 Flashes x 2

Canon 600 II Flash 

Shootsac Lens Bag

Pelican Case?



Can help set-up a website, images for blog site and social media.  Includes PSJ Photography Facebook page and Instagram.    

Intellectual Property 

List of all the courses that I have purchased that will be included in the sale of PJS Photography.  These course have strict non-sharing policies except for business partners.  Being a purchase of the my intellectual property they will be included in the purchase of PSJ Photography.  

Justin and Mary Posing Guide 

Justin and Mary Lighting Guide 

Katelyn James Posing Guide 

Amy and Jordan Shooting Guide 

Abby Grace Walk through a wedding



In addition to the sale of my tangible goods and intellectual property there will be a 3 day course that will cover a multitude of aspect from making decisions at a session to how I speak and formulate emails to clients.


Day 1 

 How I shoot 

Finding Light

When I won't shoot

Day 2


Day 3

Running the Business 

Canned Respones 

Inclusive Pricing 

Making money on top of the session.

I will shadow you on a wedding day and lightly assist in giving information on what I would do in real time wedding situations.  Along, with carrying your bags and equipment and showing what gear I would pull for different shots.  


Branding Session 

A branding photoshoot to kick-off the new face or faces of PSJ Photography!  A two hour session geared towards putting you on the right path to make this a successful business venture.  

PJ Saffran weddings in Winter Park



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