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Choosing a Film Lab

One of the only "not fun" aspects of shooting film is the cost of film itself!  You have all the gear but cost of film and getting film processed just keeps compounding especially as you continue to shoot film.  First, you have to choose your stock and purchase it based off of what type of film your camera takes and what ISO you would like to have set with the film variety you choose.  Just to clarify two things, not all film stocks fit in all film cameras.  First, a medium format camera fits what back size it is wearing (totally my own terms), so 120 or 220.  The main difference being that 120 takes 16 shots per roll and the 220 takes 32 shots per roll.  While, a 35 mm film camera can only take 35mm film.  Second, film cameras do not have adjustable ISO options that Digital has.  Instead ISO is set by the film stock chosen, a few options are 200, 400, 800, 1000.  I prefer to shoot with 400 and since I shoot for fun and not professionally do not feel the need to carry higher ISO films to help out in a pinch.  


Quick Turn Around Time Breakdown: 

Goodman Film Lab -10 days
The Find Lab - 7 days
Photo Vision - 
Richard Film Lab- 

Quick Cost Breakdown:

Goodman Film Lab - 
The Find Lab- 
Photo Vision - 
Richard Film Lab

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